Our Audience

Everyone is welcome, of course! But, we feel we are more effective with smaller organizations whose leaders feel a compelling need to steer their organization towards today's technology. We have gathered together a collection of resources that depend on mission devotion, not technical knowledge. We are looking for tenacious leaders who are anxious to see improvements and are willing to sacrifice the few additional minutes it may take. We believe that it takes more than one person to create an organization, so we are looking for organizations that have more than one person willing to participate. If these traits describe you and your group, then we are looking for you!

We base our program on a group registration, not because we fashion ourselves as "team builders", but because there are various skill sets required to create a successful Internet strategy. You as the group leader must build your team. Our role is to offer a common knowledge base and vocabulary that you and your team members will use in formulating an effective web strategy.

~ Leveraging Information and Communications Technology ~
Among Clubs, Mission Driven Non-Profits and
Faith Based Organizations